Jack Hepworth’s Report, December 14, 2015

Jack Hepworth’s Report, December 14, 2015

Subject: Jack Hepworth’s Report to Council and Community December 14, 2015

Hello Everyone:

See the eAgenda at this link: http://www.seguin.ca/en/township/resources/AD-Council_Packages/AD-Council-eAgenda-Package-2015-12-14_Part_1.pdf

Policing Study Update
The following report is included in the Seguin eAgenda under Staff Reports. It has been prepared by CAO Chris Madej, and is copied here for your information.

Subject: Policing Study Update

Purpose of Report: To provide Council with an update on the status of the Policing Study.

Recommendation: This report be received for information.

Background: MPM Consulting completed a Policing Option report for Archipelago, Carling and Seguin Townships in May 2015. All three township Councils subsequently passed resolutions to give further consideration of setting up a police service amongst them subject to at least a 20% savings over Ontario Provincial Police estimates and subject to cost analysis. The Township of McDougall and the Townships of McKellar and Whitestone were also invited to participate in this further consideration to set up a police service. On June 15th, 2015, Council was provided with a Policing Study Flow Chart summarizing an approach to completing the study (Schedule A). The Municipality of McDougall declined participating in study and interest. Both McKellar and Whitestone were invited to participate in the update of the Policing Options report. McKellar Council met with Mike Mitchell from MPM Consulting in October and also met with the OPP. Whitestone took the position to wait to see what decision McKellar may take. On November 5th, 2015, the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services responded to Mayor Gibbon’s correspondence of January 13th, 2015 and subsequent numerous phone calls respecting any new charge back OPP policy for municipal police services (Schedule B). The Minister was unable to say if there would be any OPP charge backs to municipal police services arising from the new provincial policing strategy being developed.

Discussion: On December 2nd, 2015, a working group meeting was hosted by Seguin. It was attended by the heads of Council, Councillors and senior staff from Archipelago, McKellar, Carling and Whitestone to review their respective positions on giving further consideration to setting up a police service. Representatives of all four municipalities expressed concerns with the potential cost savings of 20% not being sufficient for moving forward given the high level of commitment that will be required to set up a police service. Further concerns were noted with recent comments from the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services that he is unable to provide any comment on possible changes to policy that impact OPP charge backs for municipal police services. Other concerns were noted regarding the current lack of adequate OPP financial controls and related accountability. At the same time, comments were made in support of working with the OPP to lessen costs.

Conclusion: Based on the comments made during this meeting, Archipelago, Carling, McKellar and Whitestone, are not expected to give further consideration of a municipal police service. Council resolutions from these municipalities, while expected, were not available at the time this report was prepared. To assist Council in making its decision on this matter, Seguin staff will provide Council with an updated cost analysis for police services as was noted in the June 15, 2015 Policing Flow chart…”
Seguin Appoints new Chief Building Official Mark Vandermeer (CBO)

Mark Vandermeer has accepted the position of CBO for Seguin Township. Mark comes back to Seguin Township after being away for a couple of years as the CBO at McDougall Township.

Mark’s first day on the job will be Monday, January 4th.
Jack’s Health Status – one year after


My checkup on Friday November 27, 2015 was a good news day. PSA measures were less than the detectable threshold of 0.02, unmeasurable. Dr Yoon has concluded his radiation treatments and follow up for me at RVH in Barrie. I am now in the control zone of Dr Tsihlias, my surgeon and urologist in Etobicoke. I will see him Feb 29th 2016. My continuing treatment will be 5 more hormone injections every three months until Feb 9, 2017. As long as the PSA readings remain undetectable or at very low values, I will continue to be a healthy patient. It was Dec 22 2014 that I found out I had prostate cancer, a year later my prognosis looks much better.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to everyone. The support from family, community and Seguin constituents made a challenging experience much easier to live through.