Jack Hepworth’s Report, March 21, 2016

Jack Hepworth’s Report, March 21, 2016

Hello Everyone

Here is a report on the Special Meeting March 21 of Seguin Council.  The purpose of the meeting was to deal with Eyewitness Productions.  They have requested rental of the Rosseau Community Hall from March 28 to August 5 for filming a 10 episode TV series partially using the Rosseau Community Hall.  Note this request is currently  subject to final confirmation by NBC Universal.


Action Items following the Council Meeting, March 21

“Eyewitness”  is a ten episode television series scheduled to be filmed locally for USA Network by NBC/Universal from April 25 to August 8.  Eyewitness Productions has requested rental of the Rosseau Community Hall from March 28 to August 5 subject to final confirmation.

Council Met at a Special Meeting Monday March 21

Two motions were passed:

  • Authorization of the rental bylaw with specific provisions.  Subject to acceptance by the applicants prior to March 28, 2016
  • Pending relocation of the Rosseau Branch Library to the Ruth Dare Wellness Room

NBC Universal must indicate to the Township that they wish to pursue the Rental of the Hall as a filming location as soon as possible.  Confirmation should be received prior to March 28.  The specific actions following the meeting decisions are summarized below.

  1. Forward a copy of the resolution with terms and conditions for the use of the Rosseau Memorial Hall to Brad Gratkowski, Location Manager for the Eyewitness production. If the production company chooses to utilize the Rosseau Memorial Hall for the filming, enter into the use agreement with the company and begin the process of relocating the various user groups. Also, advise Council as soon as the production company notifies staff whether or not the company will be using the Rosseau Memorial Hall. Resolution No. 2016-087. ASAP
  2. Forward copies of the resolutions re: the Eyewitness production companies approval to utilize the Rosseau Memorial Hall and the relocation of the Rosseau Branch Library, to the Township of Seguin Library Board. Advise the Board staff will notify them asap once the production company makes a decision if they will utilize the Rosseau Memorial Hall for filming. Resolution No.’s 2016-087 & 088.
  3. Should confirmation be completed by NBC Universal a schedule of relocation provisions has been prepared by staff for all user groups displaced by this rental.  Staff will be in contact with all affected.  Specific Clausal language in the agreement provides hall retention for previously booked special events – specifically large meetings, and weddings.  These will still be hosted in the hall.

Specifics of Motion 1

The production company shall have use of the Rosseau Memorial Hall from March 28th, 2016 to August 5th, 2016 inclusive subject to the Seguin Municipal Film and Television Promotion Policy attached as Schedule “A” to this resolution and the following conditions:

  • The production company to provide insurance coverage for replacement costs of the Rosseau Memorial Hall in the event of fire or other damages.
  • The production company to pay the monthly rental fees one month in advance of use of the Rosseau Memorial Hall.
  • The production company to pay costs associated with the relocation of the Township of Seguin Rosseau Branch Library to a temporary site and back to the Rosseau Memorial Hall at Council’s discretion.
  • The production company providing at no cost to the Township of Seguin an alternate facility for use by community groups/individuals whom would normally use the Rosseau Memorial Hall during the filming project. Said facility for temporary use must be agreeable to Township of Seguin staff.
  • The production company acknowledging and agreeing that some events already booked at the Rosseau Memorial Hall must be permitted use of the Hall. Staff will provide the production company with a list of said events, dates and times.
  • The production company applying for any required exemptions to the Township of Seguin Noise By-law.
  • The production company being responsible for any applicable signage and crowd control.
  • The production company advising the Township of Seguin staff in advance of any temporary location for the film services and equipment such as generators, lights, tents, trailers, trucks and portable toilets. And that such services and equipment meet all federal, provincial and municipal legislative requirements.
  • The production company and the Township of Seguin Fire Chief agreeing on access to and parking for the Rosseau District Fire Hall.